Fluorodyne® II DBL

Fluorodyne® II DBL - Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules product photo

Fluorodyne® II DBL Membrane in Kleenpak™ Nova 0.45 micron capsule filters are encapsulated for higher flexibility while minimizing cleaning and installation costs. Using both in-line and T-style configurations, the user can easily implement this prefiltration system. Capsules can be supplied with a wide arrange of filter media, including single-use products. Each capsule is 100% integrity tested and meets ISO 9000 Certified Quality System standards.

Fluorodyne® II DBL Membrane Filter Cartridges product photo

Maintaining the Pall standard of high flow rates and high protein transmission, the Fluorodyne® II DBLMembrane0.45 micron bioburden reduction filter cartridges use AB-style filters to provide efficient filtration. This particular unit from the Pall filtration suite is most versatile. Its uses in both prefiltration and bioburden removal produce low extractable levels. All products are integrity tested and do not use surfactants.