Ultra-Clean Sterilizable Packaging

Tyvek™ Sheets product photo

Tyvek Sheets from Pall Life Sciences are ideal for use as a clean protective layer in a range of biopharmaceutical applications, including pre-filled syringes or lyophilization of bulk powders

Newform™ Protective Barrier Packaging product photo

A range of protective barrier packaging for biopharmaceutical applications, offering outstanding protection against physical influences including corrosion caused by gases and moistures, acids and salts, static electricity, electromagnetic interference, particulate contamination, heavy-duty environments, and UV protection.

Newform™ PSD Permanent Antistatic LDPE Packaging product photo

Permanent Static Dissipative (PSD) LDPE film, ideal for packaging and/or gamma sterilization of active pharmaceutical ingredients, bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, pharmaceutical powders, excipients and tablets.

Newform™ Medical Grade LDPE Bags product photo

A range of medical-grade, low-density-polyethylene (LDPE) bags for use in biopharmaceutical applications and ideal for packaging and gamma irradiation of stoppers, caps and closures, vials and containers, activated pharmaceutical ingredients, medical powders, buffers, media, filters, medical devices, cleanroom garments and syringes.

Cleansteam™和易撕除洁净袋 product photo

A range of sterilizable bags for use in biopharm applications, including steam or ETO sterilization of stoppers, caps and closures, vials and containers, syringe components, stainless steel laboratory or process equipment etc